So your interested in a custom art piece but not sure how to go about it.  I've created this guide and form to help clarify it and to give you a better understanding of what goes into creating your custom piece.

Before you start filling out the custom request form below, please read this guide to understand what type of custom work it is that you are asking for and what type of pricing your looking at.

My work is created using stencils that are hand drawn and NOT computer generated.  Once the stencils are created, I use spray paint as the medium.  Please note that this request form is for this style of art only.  Every custom request is different, so they need to be treated as such.  I've broken down custom work into these different categories.  I have  a Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. 


Since I create my art using stencils, I have the ability to create multiple originals.  The reason for wanting to create multiple originals is that there may be a high demand for a particular piece of art and an opportunity to sell more than one and would also work into my booth and gallery.  This in turn creates a more affordable price point.  In other cases, there may  be no reason to create multiple originals because it would not be a high demand piece to the general public.  In this case the cost for the piece is going to be higher.  Below I will describe in more detail about the 3 levels.

Level 1- High Demand
A Level 1 piece of custom art would be a piece that I deem in very high demand. meaning that I feel with certainty that I could sell multiple originals and it would fit into my gallery nicely.  EXAMPLES: Big Lebowski, Guns n Roses, Jimi Hendrix
---I charge $20/hr for this level*

Level 2- Low Demand
A Level 2 piece of custom art would be a piece that I deem as being in low demand with the general public.  Although there is a potential to sell multiple originals, a Level 2 might be a piece of a more obscure artist, musician or character.  A Level 2 piece may or may not work into my gallery.  A great example of a Level 2 would be an athlete since my gallery and booth doesn't really consist of sports figures.  After 10 years of experience and taking requests, I have a pretty good idea of what would be high demand and low demand.
---I charge $35/hr for this level*

Level 3- No Demand
A Level 3 custom piece would be a piece that I deem to have no demand within the general public at all.  This would consist of a custom piece of you, your family, kids, pets or someone or something so obscure that I would not have a need to create multiple originals.  
---I charge $50/hr for this level*
*Please note that I use my own discretion and experience to determine the price level of every custom request.

Say that you want to be the only person in the world to own a particular piece of original art that you requested.  That option is certainly available, but know that its going to cost you.  This only applies to someone requesting a Level 1 or Level 2 custom piece.  Original rights to your art means that I would never recreate that original or advertise the original for sale. but I could still sell reproductions of this piece  To purchase original rights would cost you a minimum of $1000 for a Level 1 and a minimum of $500 on a Level 2 custom piece.  This is added to the cost of creation.  If you wanted exclusive rights to your piece, meaning that I would never recreate the original or advertise it for sale and I would not create reproductions of the piece, you can purchase that as well.  For exclusive rights a Level 1 piece would be a minimum of $2000 and a Level 2 would be a minimum of $1000 and this is added to the cost of creation.

Size of your custom request does not necessarily mean that bigger is more expensive.  I get paid based on the hours that it takes to create your piece, so in this case, size does not matter.  I have had 16 x 20 pieces that take twice as long as a 24 x 32 piece.  Please know that I am not a graffiti or mural artist, so if your looking for the side of a building or your bedroom wall painted, I am not your guy.  

---If you create a custom painting for me, can I just buy a print of it and not the original?
                No, if I create a custom piece for you, you must purchase the original. You will pay the hourly rate.
---Why did my custom piece cost more to purchase then what you have it for sale in your booth or gallery?
                You have to understand, this is a business based on demand.  I have a running list of pictures that I want to create for my booth and                            gallery and to fulfill your request means that I have to take time away from "want to create" list..  Even though your request may be a                        high demand piece, it may not have been high on my list.
---I filled out the form, when will my picture be done?
                Hold up a sec, the form is just a questionnaire that shows me that you have an interest in a custom piece.  When I receive your completed                     form I will correspond with you to let you know my availability and price estimation.  In no way does a completed form constitute an                           order.
---What is the payment process?
                After we have chatted and have all details about your custom order finalized I will invoice you through PayPal or Square.  For me to take                    on your custom piece, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit, with the remaining balance owed upon your approval.  Once the remaining                  balance is paid, your item will be shipped.